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Originally Posted by M-Type View Post
Ha! I went out and found the Red Storm Rising boardgame I bought years ago at some yard sale. Have never played it...
After reading through the rules, I thought that playing the game would be a great way to run a campaign set during the Twilight War. Assign the PCs to one of the units (Armored or Infantry) in the board game, and play the game through that unit's eyes. Every session would be the consequences of one "board-game turn". Like if they got damaged, there would be an overwhelming Warsaw attack, but if they moved ahead and stomped a Warsaw unit in the board game, the "in-game" consequence would be them establishing a breakthrough. If/When the "board-game" unit is destroyed, that'll be the PCs finding themselves in a "you're on your own" scenario, opening things up. But you can still wage the "board-game war" to help establish what is going on around them!

Even better, have two of the PCs playing each side, but give the Warsaw Player a good reason to want to crush himself "in-game"!

Granted, with this method the Twilight War won't evolve as it did "in canon", but it'd be a great way to establish your own custom timeline.

*In Red Storm Rising, there are rules for chemical weapons, but not nukes, so that has to be tossed around a bit. Probably just say that one nuke 'wipes out' any units on a particular spot, leading to a chaotic break-up "in game".*
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