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Default Poking the war with a stick

My Weds. night wargame group is shifting the GDW's Third World War series, after a successful and long run at Scorched Earth. We've started Persian Gulf last night, and we will move on to the European 3some after that. It's separated both for table space, and to use it as a training-wheels game (I'm the only one who's actually played it).

We got thru 8 turns of the diplomacy and into the intervention, so most of the pieces are on the board now. Turn 9, the cards were laid down for General Mobilization, so that will be Turn 0 of the big game. I expect we'll play 3-4 turns more of PG next week before tearing it down to set up Europe after that.

I also dug out my copy of "Red Storm Rising" for some appropriate inspirational reading. That hardback was a Christmas present in '86, wow.
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