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Why waste the resources to freeze them? Batman invented Bat Amnesia Spray back in the 1960's surely they project could have made something similar. While they at it why not invent

Batsleep Gas (A form of sleeping gas)
Bat-Wake Gas (Wakes people up)
Brainwave Bat-analyzer
Electronic Translator (Translate foreign writing and it displays English text on screen)
Wireless Bat-transmitter (for emergencies only, it receives morse code)
Recollection Cycle Bat-restorer (restores lost memory)
Radioactive Bat-pellets
Giant hydraulic bat-press (used to make bat-diamonds)
Bat Wax Solvent (dissolves any type of wax)
Bat-antidote Powder (used to recover from any form of poison)
Shark repellent bat-spray
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