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Default How effective could a mostly legal project be.

Over the past weekend I had an interesting train of thought.

I was thinking about putting heavy lift blimp components in an abandoned mine in semi northern Canada (I wanted something really off the beaten path). That got me into thinking how Canadian laws might be different from US laws in terms of safety and construction of mines. That got me thinking as to what exact laws the project is breaking.

I came up with the following list
1. Illegal Weapons
2. Non permit construction
3. Faking Deaths.
4. Money Laundering?
5. Numerous EPA and SEC violations
6. Fraud

This got me to thinking what exactly could the project do legally? If they could pull together one to three thousand people without doing anything (serious prison) illegal could this process be duplicated over 10 regions giving the project something approaching critical mass to make a difference? This is more like a confederation of survivalist groups than the Project as we know it but I still find it interesting.

I often totally break down the project to something unrecognizable to canon, but I feel these mental exercises can produce interesting options that could maybe be rolled back into canon projects.

Just thought I would throw this out there to see if there are any thoughts or ideas.
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