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Morrow Industries also in the news today with Singapore, and island nation in south east asia, announcing a update and upgrade for police and paramilitary forces. A multi corporation cooperative deal, Cummins will provide the powerpack around one of their signature diesels. GM is providing the wheels, suspension components, and their adaptive central tire inflation system. The CTS gives the operator the ability to adjust tire pressure for less for soft sand and snow or for high pressure to operate on streets and highways. Radios and other electronics come from such suppliers as GE, BAE, IMI, Raytheon giving an integrated suite with communications operating on civil bands and into military channels up to Brigade level command and control. Bring this all together and matching with a hull provided by Cadillac Gage, the aforementioned Morrow Industries will complete the final installations, quality control, select destructive testing (shock, blast, and EMP for starters) prior to delivery. This is the third such time that Morrow Industries has been the overall product lead in this type of multi corporation collaboration. Spokesman for the State department and the Department of Defense have verified separately in statements their willingness to go ahead with this sale.
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