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Hi! Some of you know me from other boards (aka Muns)
I Spent 26 years US Army (all active duty). Enlisted in 1980 as a airborne tanker. Spent 3 yrs in and then got out and went to college, then when the VEAP money ran out I re-enlisted in 1985 and stayed in until I retired as a 1SG in 2008. I have served on many types of US tanks and I am a Master Gunner on the M1 series from M1A1 through the M1A2SEP (fourth MG trained on the SEP). That just means I know a bit more than the usual tanker.
Oh yeah before most of you start, that is Distinguished Armor Technician to the rest of you (you grunts types that think like is the only way to go). Only us tread heads can call one another a Dumb A$$ Tanker. The CDAT 'moniker' is just a old term that tread heads use to identify those that were Jedis and those that were not. Use of that term just dates those that use that it.
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