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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
With that many years in a "rolling coffin" should we call you "Retread" or "Missing Link?" Thank god there are people crazy enough to do what you did for a living. In all seriousness, Thanks for your service. I guess I would be called your "poor cousin." Started my career as a 13 BRAVO (Artillery Crewman) on the M109 SP. Then I joined the 10th Mountain and switched to the Towed 198 Gun/Howitzer. Had myself a go at Air Assault School and Special Weapons training before making Ammo Team Chief (E5) during Restore Hope. Did 8 years in all. Then I got REALLY STUPID and decided to carry a gun for a living on the streets of my home town. They did tell me; "If you really want to be loved; become a fireman...."
I only did about half my time in tanks the other half was as EOD. Now I am out and a Police Officer.
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