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Thanks, all.

In addition to a new cover, courtesy of Stephanie McAlea, the updated version of Rook's Gambit has more detailed, more accurate descriptions of the castle. This is thanks to Spartan-117, who mailed me a booklet and a cutaway diagram of Marienburg direct from Malbork, Poland. They arrived a couple of days after Rook's Gambit went on sale, so the first version had to make do with whatever I could reconstruct from various, sometimes conflicting internet sources. I hope that the descriptions in v2 are more useful for referees. Someday, I hope to add diagrams of the castle, but I'm afraid that might be beyond my technical capabilities at present, and I don't have a budget to commission a professional graphic designer to do it for me. The cool thing about the PDFs on DrivethruRPG is that they update automatically, so if and when I do add diagrams, folks that already bought an earlier version will still receive them free of additional charge.
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