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Default Air Cushion Vehicles

Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
OMG do I really, really, really despise the whole Air cushioned vehicle as a Project Machine.

I really, really do. The SK-5 was a Navy toy for interdiction in inland waterways and swamps. The Mekong delta for sure. I hate it. Not that I am fond of boats anyway. This thing is an annoying pin pick for the bad guys, it zooms by, shoots wildly, and hauls ass out to avoid return fire...... Harrassment fire at best. Royally screwed if the terrain is not favorable.

I am opting that and the Bolthole afloat concept out. Completely along with the other two ACVs. Somebody at Timeline thought these were sexy and cool. Damned if I know why.
I think you are misjudging the ACV. The SK-5 also served with the Army in Vietnam and then the machines were transferred to the Coast Guard where they worked doing SAR.

ACVs have done a number of very impressive exploration voyages

ACV's can cross something like 80% of the coastlines of the oceans, and in the Gulf I'd be hard pressed to think of any parts of the coast of texas, Louisiana, Mississippi or Florida where an ACV can't make landfall (unless heavy forest goes all the way down to the water. They can travel from the oceans, over any bars at the mouth and up to the headwaters of the major rivers in the region.

I've ridden a civilian ACV in the Solent through about 10 foot swells. The ride was rough but service was maintained. It was a little like a roller coaster, super fun!

CT-13 can use ACVs effectively and the region is particularly suitable for such operations. in the 5-10 year time frame even the growing of trees will probably not be enough to exclude ACVs from most landfalls.

That being said the machines in the module, except for the Science Machine are pretty lame. I upgraded the MARS vehicle with a pair of rocket pods and 2 40mm AGLs on side mounted pylons to supplement the 20mm (now a 25mm Bushmaster). It gets a 50 cal on a central pintle mount as well as the two existing M60 side gunners. In addition add a decent sensor suite.

The Recon machine gets replaced with a Stealth Ducted Fan Helicopter. This is a fancy two seat machine consisting of a kevlar shell with a big central fan. It seats two and has all sorts sensors and countermeasures. It is armed with a minigun in an Emerson MiniTat turret and a pair of Stingers. This is fast and can fly high and is basically invisible to most sensors, passive or active.
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