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Lots of rigs are towed completed and in an upright position. The vehicles would need to be tied down anyway, Oil rigs are dynamic structures and move with the wave action.

I can see a couple of reasons to do this. One has to do with the large number of potential nuke targets on the Gulf Coast. There is also the possibility of the bad guys using tsunami bombs against the entire region. Additionally the threat of hurricanes and weather isn't just against an oil rig. Look at the recent flooding in Texas or Louisiana and the question becomes how many bolt holes could be lost in a Cat 5 hurricane hitting those areas?

Also having CT-13 in the middle of the Gulf gives MP the option of deploying them to anywhere in the Gulf from Mexico all the way around to Florida.

I think there will be some really interesting "one off" bolt holes scattered around, just so all the MP eggs aren't in one kind of basket.

Plus the Team Wake up is so much fun for the PD. Tom, Jeff and I made an audio tape (yes it was THAT long ago) of the bolt hole computer letting the team know their house is falling apart around their ears. I also took four pieces of foam and stuck hundreds of little cocktail toothpicks in them. I had a "Remove Before Flight" ribbon and told the players each toothpick was such a ribbon and they had to pull them all out (one by one) before they could safely get the craft operational. Plus their gear was all downstairs.

The visual of the door falling away when the explosive bolts fire and then the big wave coming in is just a great way to introduce players to the world!

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