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Default Ruins of Warsaw mass combat?

Seeing as this was one of several books I never managed to get, can people tell me if the mass combat system provided in this book is worthwhile? Does it actually do what it touts, and let's you resolve "battles involving hundreds of men and vehicles...quickly, easily and realistically"?

I have noticed that they, in the Return to Warsaw module (another one I don't have) provide a different version of mass combat, one related to the combat system provided in "The Last Battle". Does this mean that the first version found the Ruins of Warsaw wasn't as good? Or was it just a reworking to try to tie in to the Last Battle board game? (And yes, I do have the Last Battle, but I never liked how it diluted some things)

So what do people, who have played either one of these two versions of mass combat, think about them? Is it worth the effort?
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