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Default well...

Originally Posted by kcdusk
I'm not arguing with your math kato. But i got the feeling from the show that the subway would fill with water within 7 days.

I quoted 4 million gallons below, but part of me is now thinking hte number was 13 million. It just sounds like so much water.

Even if after a few days there was a few inches of water, or ankle to knee high, it would make travel underground wet and discomforting. And once its at waist high, with water rats swimming around ... it'd be "shivver".
Think about the alternative...above ground (after about 8 nukes over 15 years) LA is populated by

-radioactive dustclouds
-various human mauraders,former militarycanibals,gangs,etc etc
-oops forgot to say any people is probably armed with automatic rifles or the like...I could go on,...

I got the inspiration to this thread after looking at Los Angeles in Google Earth...

My plan was to get an escape route out of LA downtown...
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