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Actually, TMP is about rebuilding the representative federal government and re-integrating the former territories. It really does not specify at what technological level this must be accomplished. I was wrong in that aspect. (Of course, those teams in Canada are to reconstruct it's federal government.)

From the book:

The Projectís objective is the reconstruction of the USA as a functioning Nation State.

Success conditions

The Morrow Project can be said to have been successful when:
  • The US government is functioning throughout the territory of the USA and in a form that is as close to the current Constitution as the surviving citizens are capable of achieving.
  • This government effectively controls legitimate social, political, economic and security institutions that meet the populationís needs, including adequate mechanisms to address any grievances that may have arisen before or during the Reconstruction Effort.
  • Any group opposed to this reconstruction of the USA (for whatever reason) has been effectively co-opted, marginalized, or separated from the population, with the voluntary assistance and consent of the population; and;
  • Any armed non-governmental forces (including the Morrow Project) have decamped or been demobilized, and/or been integrated into the political, economic, and social structures of the USA.
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