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Originally Posted by Canadian Army View Post
The Cadets Canada and Canadian Rangers use the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I in the .303.
That sounds about right. I've seen references that the Lee-Enfields issued to the Canadian Rangers was .303, not 7.62x51mm.

I have seen references who cite that the Lee-Enfields that were used by Cadets were re-chambered to .22LR (now they use air rifles). Several people I know who were in Cadets mentioned C1A1s, but it's possible this was only a local thing and not widespread, something in the past (like, 80's or 90's) or they were bullshitting. At any rate, for the purpose of my game I assume there were still stocks of FNs out there up until the 90's, when they were repurposed for national defence.

As for American weapons, I was reading how a large cache of Springfield '03s were found in 1977 and 1996 and distributed for JROTC/ceremonial use/civilian sale. So yeah, I would guess there's a lot of that stuff out there.

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