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Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post

You're right about the Army having a number of different vehicles because of the situation in the top of my head I would expect that as well as the Saracens some Humber Pigs and Shorland armoured cars (Long Wheel Base Land Rovers fitted with some armour plating and a machine gun turret) might make an appearance on the mainland during 1998 and 1999. Tigger may well be able to suggest others...

Just a few thoughts...

Off the top of my head other vehicles that might be available would be some of the Saracens and Pigs, as well as a load of the 'Piglets' - the armoured landrovers that preceeded the Snatch/CAV100, the Tangia armoured landrovers that the RUC/PSNI use plus all the armoured cars they use - by this I mean they are armoured variants of ordinary cars, as opposed to the normal definition of armoured cars. Tactica APCs were in used with 321 EOD over here, but I'd imagine they'd be a specialist set up inside which might not be so much use in a general role - as an aside I think the British Nuclear Constabulary (responsible for policing non military nuclear sites, as opposed to cops with nukes) used Tacticas as well. Pretty much any vehicle that served in NI, from land rovers to four tonners to diggers would have had an add on armour package, so I think there might be a lot of that available. I don't remember seeing Fox's or Ferrets over here, but I know they were deployed, although I think it was out in the cuds more than the cities. I can remember seeing rows of Saladins and Saracens parked up at Gosford Castle in Armagh. Saxons were used here, although in T2K I think they'd very rapidly have disappeared back to frontline service. Also the Tavern APV might have appeared, although I think it might be too late for use in a standard T2K timeline - which would be no great loss! It was the most modern vehicle used in NI, and they have already been scrapped and sold off through Witham Specialist Tenders as apparently it was absolute bollocks. It was based off a commercial cash in transit van, had huge reliability problems and massively limited space inside.

Heres a few links for inspiration;
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