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Originally Posted by waiting4something View Post
I have a question with seeing several photos of British troops using M-16's from the early 80's like in the Falklands to 2000's like in Afganistan. It seems like there is sometimes a guy here and there armed with a M-16 when everyone else has a L1A1 or L85. Why? What is the purpose? Is it a normal thing? I could maybe understand them using one fitted with a M203 before Britian got there own standard GL, but in some pics it's just a M-16 with no GL on it. What's the deal with that? Not all the pics are SAS guys either, some where Royal Marines and I think regular Army. Just curious to these strange sightings.
It's quite likely that British troops in the early 80's used Colt M16s.

By 2000 those were probably replaced by Diemaco C7 rifles and C8 carbines, licence-built versions of AR-15 pattern weapons that are considered to be "product improved" over the original Colt designs.

"The MoD has recently acquired some £2.2 million plus worth of Diemaco C8 SFW carbines and C7A1s for special forces troops, this is in addition to the C7 rifles already used by grenadiers with M203s."

"Elements of 5 Airborne Brigade and also the Royal Marines and 22 SAS have used the Diemaco C7 and C7A1 rifles for some time, and they are also taking delivery of these carbines now as well..."

"Throughout much of the 70s, 80s and 90s, the main assault rifle of the SBS was the M16. A modern day SBS trooper is more likely to use the Canadian Diemaco C8 SFW carbine."

"C8 carbine The [British SAS] Regiment's primary assault carbine"

"L119A1 is acutally [sic] the Canadian Diemaco C8SFW. Building upon the C8 and C8A1, Diemaco created the Special Forces Weapon (SFW), which provides an interesting combination of ideas. Featuring a longer, 16-inch barrel of a heavier profile than the C8/A1, the SFW is designed to provide a fire support capability in carbine form. The profile of the barrel is not uniform, oddly enough bulging out at the end, whereas the M4 profile barrel steps down. The front sight base is strengthened for mounting of the H&K AG-C grenade launcher. The British Ministry of Defense acquired a number of SFWs, primarily for the SAS, giving them the Land Force designation L119A1. Because of the barrel profile, another Diemaco specific mount is required at attach the M203 grenade launcher (though the British have decided to use the HK AG-C/L17A1)."

Granted, none of these are "official" sources, but googling "UK L119A1" seems to bring a lot of hits for C8s in British service. I would imagine that during the Twilight War, if a suitable replacement or upgrade of the SA-80 had not been put into service then Diemaco rifles and carbines might well be issued to British troops, as it was a proven design that was already in limited use.


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