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Name M72A2 LAW
Cal. 66mm
Wt. (Empty) n/a
Min. Range 50m
Eff. Range 350m
Max. Range 1000m
Burst Radius 5m
Type of Fire Single shot disposable
Rate of Fire Single
Feed Device n/a
Feed Device Wt. n/a
Basic Load 1
Load Wt. 2.37 kg
Total Wt.
Additional Comments: A lightweight, disposable, rocket launcher firing a high explosive warhead. The warheads will penetrate 28 centimeters of steel. The “back blast” from the weapon prevents it from being fired from inside a room smaller than 5x5 meters.

Found in Load out: #1, 9,

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RPD-7D Anti-Tank Launcher
E-Factor: 1030
Weight (Empty): 6.8kg
Minimum Range: 30m
Effective Range: 300m
Max. Range: 920m
Type of Fire: Single Shot
Burst Radius: 5m
Round Weight: 2.3kg
Anti-Armor Class: D
Basic Load: 2 rounds

Additional Comments: The RPD-7D is the standard anti-tank launcher of
the Warsaw Pact Forces, although it was beingsuperseded by newer designs like the RPD and RPG-18 by the time the War broke out. The basic design is quite simple and effective, though the round can be pushed off-target by strong crosswinds. This particular version can be disassembled into two parts to shorten the launch tube for the convenience of paratroops.

The RPG-7V is a recoilless, shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, reloadable, antitank grenade launcher. It fires a variety of rocket-assisted grenades
from a 40-mm smoothbore launcher tube. It is the standard squad antitank weapon in use by the OPFOR. The RPG-7V is light enough to be
carried and fired by one person. However, an assistant grenadier normally deploys to the left of the gunner to protect him from small arms fire.
The RPG-7V requires a well-trained gunner to estimate ranges and lead distances for moving targets. Crosswinds as low as 7 miles per hour can
complicate the gunner's estimate and reduce first-round hit probability to 50% at ranges beyond 180 meters.

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