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ArmySGT wrote:
Anybody know by what formula as the normal one would not apply for a shape charged weapon.
E-factor is derived from penetration of armor steel (cm).

There isn't a simple formula. The curve for steel using the table on p.38 is not continuous (plot it in Excel and see).

Only wood has a linear relation between thickness and armor value.

As an approximation for steel:
For each x10 in thickness, x20 armor value.
For each x2 in thickness, x2.5 armor value.

The M72 LAW has a penetration of 28cm or 11".

This gives you an E-factor of about 1100 (1185).

AV 48 = 2.54cm (1") steel.
11" is 11x thicker or ~3.5 doublings.

Final AV = 48 * (2.5^3.5) or about 1185.

Next any Idea how they came up with the DPW for the manufactured weapons like the LAW.
Estimate mass and composition of explosive filler and use the equation Gary posted earlier.

A small simplification:
DPW = 2309 x RE x explosive mass, kg

(1300/0.563 = 2309)

For DPW 533, I get about 270g of RDX (using 0.85 value in TM1-1) which fits
pretty well with the M72 rocket.
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