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Alternative Designations: Crossbow
Date of Introduction: INA
Proliferation: At least seven countries
Crew: 1
Caliber (mm): 67
Weight (kg): 6.3
Length (mm): 850
Rifling: None
Breech Mechanism Type: N/A
Rate of Fire (rd/min): N/A (disposable)
Fire From Inside Building: Yes (see NOTES)
Name: N/A
Type: Reflex
Magnification: None
Location: Left side
Sighting Range (m): INA
Night Sights Available: INA
Name: INA
Type: HEAT
Range (m):
Maximum: 1,500
Effective AT: 300
Flight Time (sec) @ 300 m: 1.5
Armor (mm): 300
Reinforced Concrete (m): INA
Muzzle Velocity(m/s): 210

E-factor 1255

Projectile mass: 1.0 kg
Filler: RDX, 0.16 kg
Using weapon(s): ARMBRUST antitank weapon
Remarks: None

Name Armbrust (updated)
Cal. 67mm
E-Factor = 1255 48 * 2.5^[3.322(log(300) - 1.4049)] = 1255.079738
DPW = 451 ((0.16 / 0.563) x 1300) x 1.22 = 450.7282416
Wt. (Empty) 6.3 kg
Min. Range 50m
Eff. Range 350m
Max. Range 1500m
Burst Radius 5m
Type of Fire Single shot disposable
Rate of Fire Single
Feed Device n/a
Feed Device Wt. n/a
Basic Load 2
Load Wt. 12.6 kg
Total Wt.
Additional Comments: A disposable, flashless, noiseless, recoilless gun firing a high explosive shell. The shell will penetrat 30 centimeters (300mm) or steel. The "backblast" from the weapon is made up of plastic flakes and is so short the firer can stand with a wall only 1 meter behind him.

Found in Load out: #17

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