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Originally Posted by Project_Sardonicus View Post
I think as I've said before Krell and Kansas etc don't need to reinvent the wheel in so much as discover it. So they may be able to come up with short cuts technologically that will give quite a shock.

Take for example whatever sort of light tank, apc etc they decide to go for.

If they fit it with anti spalling pads inside, a very basic fire extinguishing system, lockers for ammo and some of those anti rocket bar systems that are all the rage in downtown Basra. Then now their v300 is not impregnable, but certainly able to survive a good few LAW hits.
Krell? Probably not so much. Thought and innovation are discouraged. Molotovs and satchel bag bombs and some captured MP gear.

The KFS on the other hand, Yes. Especially the "Praetorians" and the Secret Police force. The regular army? Possibly not.

The KFS V-300s with the 90mm gun would just need the slat armor system and possibly a fire system to get there.
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