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Originally Posted by kalos72 View Post
The idea here is could New America type organization launch some small comms satellites come 2001/2002?

I am using New America as a hybrid MP organization and am trying to determine the type and placement of that tech.

Having some international comms become available would be nice...sure I can throw the AN/PRC-70 type for continental maybe if I use CW but something more advanced would be nice.
Not no but hell no.

Firstly you would need a very, very particular type of fuel. You'd need a working multi-stage rocket. You'd need a vast amount of brainpower together, you'd need at the very least a whole-regional-wide weather reporting system (multiple weather stations)...the list goes on and on.

I have opined that the US might be able to do it with unused/unlaunched ICBMs or SLBMs, hopefully there'd be enough AF or NASA personnel still alive to scrape together to get one inserted in the right orbit, but New America? No way. The closest thing they have to having a "launch facility" is their hold in Florida, and Canaveral and Kennedy are melted ruins. Plus any tech they would need there that wasn't blasted to its constituent atoms was subjected to EMP.

Even assuming they had willing or coerced personnel to do it they would have to spend years and years and years building a launch facility...then they'd have to re-learn the precision manufacturing to build a rocket, then produce fuel, etc.

Yes Nazi Germany launched V2s under extremely trying circumstances, but those were suborbital IRBMs being used for bombardment. Getting something into a useful orbit is another matter entirely.
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