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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
I think the original developers were unaware of just how important they were to the Airforce and the Navy.
I wouldn't say that, it just dose not play an important role in the overall game play.

Think about it, your trapped in Poland, ok now what hey guys, which way do we go? Well like the song says we go west. Even with out a map or compass you easily find west....use the sun. Besides unless you really evil GM I'm sure a PC group would at some point find a map

Who needs a GPS. Other mods are the same way.

If you like an area like the Allegheny National Forest, you will find tons of highways, trails, roads you can use to figure out which way to go.

Besides GPS use batteries which will run out, so forget about the signal where are you going to find spare batteries? or recharge the ones you might have?

And finally if GPS is so important to the Airforce and Navy, why is Loran-C and Tactical air navigation system (TACAN) still in use?

kalos72 if you want to find a good robust communication system for NA, my suggestion is shortwave/amateur radio stations. Equipment is only a radio shack away, it easy to hid in case the authorities drops by. And they could also be use to broadcast propaganda. The down size is that its not hard to intercept and or Jam signals. A code book would solve some issues, but not all.
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