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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
For the BP guns on my site, I took the tech level of the guns down to 4, and the tech level of the ammunition down to 3.
I'll have to run numbers, but I think that'll give slightly higher values than the World Tamer's Handbook black powder rules. There are three changes that pop out at me looking at the spreadsheet I built to combine the two:
1. It drops the Cm for black powder (to 0.3 for conical bullets and 0.1 for ball).
2. Black powder barrels have 5 times the rifling modifier of the "normal" barrel of their type (so a BP smoothbore is 20 instead of a smoothbore's 4).
3. Any BP weapon has penetration one step worse than what's shown on the Energy/Pen chart.
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