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Default Testing a new server for the forum

I have a new server for this forum but I am adding some new features to the box. The biggest visible change will be putting us behind https (secure connection) as there has been a huge push for that in recent months. (All apps like tapatalk were supposed to demand an https connection to function as of last Jan but it got pushed as literally millions of sites were not ready).

Can anyone tell me if they have issues with the Secure connection (popups about bad certificates, things like that)

Some notes.
1) If you login on that site it will log you out here (overlapping cookies)

2) Nothing posted on that site will be saved as when we do finally migrate I will pull the data from here.

3) No need to bookmark that forum as our current name will follow us after the migration.

I expect I will be playing with stuff on that box from now until the 4th so if it is totally unresponsive that might be the reason try again in a few minutes. Mostly this is to make sure my email is functional on the new box.

If all goes as planned I will switch out the boxes on July 12th. For this box expect small amounts of downtime between today and the 4th (perhaps the length of reboots) and perhaps a significant time on the 12th (as I plan a full rewire/fan cleaning/etc for all my machines).
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