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Originally Posted by Matt W View Post
I wish you luck. Prime Base is the worst of the modules; it's simply unplayable

I agree

But it's a brave effort. I would suggest that the "edit" starts with removing/altering the stuff that players will find implausible (dinosaurs, for example).

Done in the Prime Base Repairment

Remove/alter the stuff that players will hate (the super-competent Phoenix team, for example)

Yep, I will only leave that as an "option" for a PD. I hated the concept and think it robs the players and their characters from controlling their own future.

Remove/alter the stuff that players will laugh at (the Prime Base computer, for example)


SO what is left? Only puzzles? That's very hard to do in a way that entertains players. You'll probably find that only one player is interested. It also needs some sort of conflict to keep players "on their toes". I would suggest that someone else is also trying to get into the base... Perhaps they've already tripped over some of the automated defences

The puzzles are definitely going to be core. One way to add interest is to breach part of the base and let some wildlife in. Robot defenders would be ideal. These are much more likely in 4th edition than 1-3. At that point the adventure becomes Damocles though. How can it be made different enough to stand alone? In fact in the 4th edition Prime Base might well have a really sophisticated AI, which would completely change everything about the storyline.

Frozen Chosen?
Snake Eaters?
The descendants of a Morrow Team on a sort of pilgrimage?

If you want to make it really complex then maybe TWO groups have found Prime Base and are likely to fight each other plus the PCs. The players may have to negotiate for a share of the loot

Then we must decide if the players are ever going to use this facility (probably not, IMHO). After all, it's over 150 years old, and hasn't had any maintenance. It's frankly unpleasant and superfluous. Once they've found the MacGuffin, it would be wise to relocate

A lot of this depends upon what condition the base is in, and what other Morrow assets are close by. I've been watching the discussion of MARS/Recon teams around the region with interest. Also is there a number of other teams that can be contacted with information discovered in Prime?

I believe that Timeline originally did envision abandoning Prime Base after the adventure. I seem to recall some guff about moving everyone to Idaho under the "wise" tyranny of the Phoenix team. This seems to indicate that the only reason Prime was written was to unleash the Phoenix Team. I've never liked the concept, either on the Project level or on the game level.

I think it might be important to make the game worth the candle though. Prime Base needs to really be worth dying for. It needs to be salvageable. It needs to be of huge value to the future of the restoration of the world. HUGE value. I believe that if players get through Prime Base and find everything that "everything" better be things like all the Morrow Project dependants in freeze tubes, mothballed factories capable of building just about anything.

And maybe it could be in Indiana?
That is Iowa, not Indiana but will be very useful in another project I'm working on so thanks!
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