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Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
I would have 6 teams of 20-30 people each spaced around the country, with a matching number of MARS teams for security. 3 such teams could replace a lost Regional Command, supplementing later with individuals drawn from elsewhere, or all 6 could do the same for Prime Base. Each team would know the locations of 3-4 Regional commands and at least half would know the location of Prime Base.

If a command is lost, the Teams are activated. The nearest Team goes to the site and evaluates the situation and communicates whether or not the site is still viable, and sets up basic functions there or somewhere else. The rest of the Teams follow as soon as possible.

And with the exception of the MARS Teams, these are administrators , not field personnel. The regular Frozen Watch has a different job and needs different people.
I meant the facilities would have the most basic gear, like the FW. mostly sidearms in the emergency lockers with a couple of long arms.
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