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Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
I've never seen the point in that. The expense of training and freezing absolutely dwarfs the cost of equipping, and minimizing their equipment endangers them if there is a bolthole compromise, renders them mostly ineffective until they can be properly equipped (and how long does that take?), and means that they can only be woken if the area is safe and/or a team is able to provide security... in which case are they really that badly needed?

Give them versatile equipment - assault rifles and hummers, or the like. Or something general but appropriate to their skills, like GPMG's or SAWs for MARS. But don't leave them useless and defenseless when you only expect to use them when something had gone wrong.
In this case it would be a "pull" to quickly gather these people and bring them home. Though the Pheonix Team could do that with a Chinook, and a C130. Perhaps hide Pheonix very well, use your book idea to discover and retrieve each team. BTW, the article with Frozen Watch vs. some Badges didn't have enough weapons for six people, I had to add another sidearm to a locker.
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