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Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
That was for the FW, but is still applies to a lesser degree for backup administrators. Such a team might need to cross hundreds or even thousands of miles of unsecured territory to accomplish their mission, that is too far for emergency equipment.
I have a concept called Regional Rescue Teams. These teams are first responders type resources. It is true that standard urban response vehicles won't be capable of this mission but there have been armored ambulances since at least WW2. I recall Cadillac Gage having both an ambulance and fire engine version

I've always been a tracked vehicle man myself so I can look at these lovely beauties from the former USSR

So these teams have three vehicles. One is an ambulance, the second is a fire engine and the third is a heavy rescue vehicle. The team generally consists of a trauma surgeon and paramedics and fire fighters, trained in both rescue and suppression (urban and wildland). I figure a 12 person team.
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