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FNG here I only GM. I've been roleplaying since the 80s, never really got into Twk2 at the time, but as i found a heap of tw2k stuff in a bargain bin at a con i thought of how great it would be to lead the classic polish campaign, in it's original setting; The year 2000, as percieved in the early eighties. Sort of a retro-futuristic setting.

Once i got into plowing thru the rules i got the notion that i wouldn't use the original rules and started experimenting. First i tried D20 modern, and i found them completely inadequate for this. Cumbersome in some parts, overly simplified in some other parts. So i ditched them.

Being a Swede i've basically got the BRP rules in my marrow (The major RPG publisher in the 80s used BRP (or variants of it) for most products thus i decided to purchase the standalone BRP rules. They were not perfect in any sense, and also quite simple, and to put it frank, too lethal. In trials with 3 pcs vs 3 hostile npcs pls a couple of neutrals, most were dead at the end of the first round. So i started tweaking.

And now i'm almost finished, i incorporated the modern firearms rules ( ), tweaked the autofire rules, thought up some rules for suppressive fire

It's basically now in working shape. After balancing it's very easy to become incapacitated, start bleeding, get knocked out, or in state of "dying", but the instadeath has become somewhat more uncommon

A friend of mine helped put all of this in a Gamemaster util coded in C# (I think).
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