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Originally Posted by Lerk View Post
FNG here I only GM. I've been roleplaying since the 80s, never really got into Twk2 at the time, but as i found a heap of tw2k stuff in a bargain bin at a con i thought of how great it would be to lead the classic polish campaign, in it's original setting; The year 2000, as percieved in the early eighties. Sort of a retro-futuristic setting.

A friend of mine helped put all of this in a Gamemaster util coded in C# (I think).

Sounds great! I like the retro feel of T2K as well. Bring on them commies!

I like BRP as well. Is there a way to share your work?

(I don't think I ever specified this, but I started GMing and playing T2K back around '85. After a long hiatus I'm both GMing and playing again, albeit on line.)

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