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Originally Posted by Lerk View Post
I suppose i should start my own thread with this, perhaps a moderator can split off my ramblings about Tw2k-BRP and such?

Anyhow, we decided to divide autofire into increments, so now it can be used on multiple targets, hit multiple locations, without becoming as deadly as the original BRP.

Suppressive fire is also implemented; When subjected to autofire one must make a successful POW-roll, or become suppressed/pinned down, which causes a -25 to firearms skills, this lasts the current and the following round. The roll for suppressive fire is done even if no bullets hit, so there's a reason to fire away just to make the enemy keep their heads down so the friendlies can manouver or flank.

The util also tracks bleeding and unconsciousness.

And i've spoken some to my co-conspirator who made all the coding, and we will most likely release it for the general population. I just got to make a basic manual that explains my mods to the brp rule system, and some basic stuff about how to use the app. Dont really know a good place to host the stuff though.
Years ago playing Cthulhu Now (before it came out - based on an article in White Dwarf) we used two types of fire - aimed bursts - normal chance to hit - for every 5% under an extra round hit. spray bursts - each round adds to chance to hit (maximum of double skill level) roll randomly for the number of hits (e.g burst of 5 rounds roll 1D6 rerolling 6). The 5% may be a bit generous with the amount of automatic weapons though - they were VERY rare in Cthulhu.
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