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Old 05-08-2017, 03:11 PM
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Default Origins Game Fair 2017

Looks like I haven't yet made my annual post advertising our T2k games at this convention.

I'll be running "Midnight Meeting", continuing the shenanigans in Krakow. Last year's game was a handful of Americans bushwhacking some of the NW in their home base. This year, we'll find out how the other half of the group did on that same night. Who will be their mysterious allies? Will they track down that nefarious Sgt. "Collins"?

Roman's running "Zhukov's Star", some sci-fi, using T2k rules. Join the Colonial Marines: Travel to Alien planets, meet Exotic species, and KILL THEM! Further inquiry requires Security Clearance Level 5. Have a nice day!

Also running "The Black Eagle" An elite Soviet tank unit, grizzled and battle weary, finds itself directly in the path of a NATO mechanized assault force during WWIII. Players get to be Soviet tankers this time.

Alex is reprising "The bear never forgets", as a Soviet military intelligence team has to infiltrate a command meeting, to determine the loyalty of an Army commander. This was very popular last year, especially since the team splits, and 2 GMs are employed.
My Twilight claim to fame: I ran "Allegheny Uprising" at Allegheny College, spring of 1988.
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