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Old 12-20-2016, 12:43 AM
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Default Definition of a Morrow recruit. Your opinion?

Define Morrow Project personnel. (or where do these people come from)

Idealists. You would have to be to buy into rebuilding an American Republic or just to rebuild civilization itself with stored tools and seed from the rubble of a nuclear war.

Intellectual. The persons that seek out knowledge just for the sake of knowledge. That hobbyist that learns 15th century scottish weaving techniques so his kilt is authentic at Ren Fair.

Active. Someone who enjoys some sport or activity that gets them up and moving several times a week. Maybe they run or bike to work? A weekend hiker or long distance minimalist.

A political moderate. Someone that is essentially a centrist with views that support or accommodate Left and Right viewpoints.

A single child, orphan, or black sheep. Someone who could walk away from their family, never to see them again, for the purpose of giving civilization a chance after nuclear war. This is one of those I find hardest to believe.. Most necessary for the secrecy the project requires and the most difficult to achieve.

Mental toughness. Will power and a firm sense of self. They are going into hell and need to cope with that. Outside of military and police veterans with inner city EMTs; where are these people coming from?

What makes a person a candidate for recruitment in your opinion?
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Old 12-20-2016, 01:16 PM
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Think you covered almost all the bases. I would also add that wanton desire to be turned into a popsicle for several years, as well as that desire to make a difference in the lives of the people around you.
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Old 12-20-2016, 02:22 PM
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I agree the largest problem is finding people who are willing to walk away from everything.

To try to his acceptable numbers I have had some unconventional thoughts on the projects plans for staffing.

Since it is such a long term project.
Orphanages -> Private Schools with indoctrination.

Remote Research facilities where you freeze people against their will if necessary immediately after war day. If you have an asset you feel would be an absolute necessity post war but you do not feel they would go for the normal project path. Their immediate families could be with them. A documentary about an abandoned Alaska Mining town (only accessible by rail and air) that is planned to be turned into a research park gave me this one.

I also had the project develop a highly effective amnesitic injection to be used during the recruiting process. You can gauge a reaction to the project plans and if it does not go well just erase the conversation. Something like this is the only way I can explain the project maintaining it's secrecy and having a decent size.
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Old 12-21-2016, 06:10 PM
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On another note.... Does the P.D. just let the Team (PCs) decide who the Team Leader is? Driver, RTO, Mechanic, Mission Specialist, Gunner, etc.. and fill roles and let them decide the the TL? On the other hand just say the TL is a role and so and so will fill it?
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Old 12-21-2016, 06:19 PM
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I just let my players pick among themselves. My current game just got started 3 sessions ago and they were really good about trying to fill roles like RTO, gunner, driver/mechanic, etc and picked their leader based on who seemed best qualified. It came down to the doctor or the navy engineer and the engineer got the nod.
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Old 12-28-2016, 09:56 AM
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Well first of all healthy, there won't be any doctors around. So chronic illnesses are going to be out.

Secondly flexible and strong minded. They're expecting to wake up five years into a completely changed world wherever one they know or cared about is dead.

Regarding strong-mindedness, I read an interview with the head of Poland's counter-terrorist force GROM. It was just after the fall of the Communist government when slightly crazier ideas were acceptable. And when asked about his requirements for recruits for his unit, his answer was "attitude and mind, physical fitness and skills can be taught."

As it is I go along with the suggestions around orphans or kids in highly organised schools. But there would still be a need for life experience, a collection of nothing but bright kids wouldn't work.

This may lead to some conflict between the Project Member in their 50s, with decades of experience as an army engineer. And the super trained project leader who's 21 but has been groomed for the post since 12.

I also think the project would do a lot of head hunting. Perhaps even setting up situation, to see if someone has the right stuff. Perhaps the corporate software engineer who's Myers Briggs shows exceptional cool leadership skills. Finds her girl scout camping hike, gets lost after someone sabotages the map and someone needs to find the way back to civilisation?
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Old 01-28-2017, 09:54 PM
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self-motivators would also be a critical skill. even best case scenario for the project you can't have recon teams out in the field that need their hands held by prime base. every project ember hase to be able to both follow orders, work without orders, and know when they need to ignore orders. this isn't something easily trained but this is the kind of thought process that should be screened for.
the best course of action when all is against you is to slow down and think critically about the situation. this way you are not blindly rushing into an ambush and your mind is doing something useful rather than getting you killed.
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Old 01-29-2017, 01:29 PM
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It's easy to list the characteristics which the Morrow Project is looking for. Humility, physical and mental robustness, integrity, ability to work in a team, ability to work individually, personal drive and determination, sense of humour, ability to adapt to changing circumstances and environments and also the ability to operate out of your comfort zone

I list "humility" first because there is a HUGE danger of Morrow Project personnel assuming that they know more than Survivors - and that they have a better understanding of the situation. Humility is the antidote to arrogance and vital in Team Leaders. A humble leader is secure enough to recognize his or her weaknesses and to seek the input and talents of others

"Humour" is also an overlooked value. It's an essential component of mental resilience. Also, people with a good sense of humor (not cynical nor sarcastic) are viewed as more intelligent, approachable and more trustworthy.
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