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Old 06-22-2017, 08:04 PM
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Default Tank Desant - The Tank Riders of Maxwell's Militia


When you have only a few tanks and no way to make new ones...

Maxwell's Militia has M60's (or M1's in the new edition), but there's no mention of any APCs. Why wouldn't they have infantry units that exist to protect the tank?
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Old 06-23-2017, 09:14 AM
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Part bodyguard, part secret police, part special forces and part emergency services

The "Tank Riders" of Maxwell's Militia are a special corps of troops - an elite unit that protects the Tank Commander and his AFV.

Their most visible duty is to ride on the AFV and (in their own cynical motto) "provide an additional layer of armor". On the battlefield, the Tank Riders may operate as couriers, scouts and intelligence operatives in the service of the Tank Commander.

However, in peacetime, they also engage in espionage, intimidation, arrests and extra-judicial killings. On the plus side, they are all well-trained in Advanced First Aid and are tolerated by the citizens because they provide Paramedic services (in order to keep in practice)

They will disguise themselves as "ordinary citizens" to monitor and arrest anyone who criticizes the Commander. In some cases they may secretly execute those judged to be a threat to the Commander or the Militia.

The first MM units encountered by a Morrow Project team may be Tank Riders. Their equipment will be on a par with the MP