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Old 03-15-2010, 02:08 AM
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Default Revised Iranian OOB for Gulf/t2k


revised Iranian OOB for Gulf/t2k


Iranian OOB

Iranian HQ Reserve
23rd Special Forces Division (600 men)
55th Parachute Division (900 men, 4 M101A1)
351st SSM Brigade (280 men, 2 SCUD Launchers)
75th Logistics Brigade (600 men)
Iranian Army Helicopter Brigade (5 AH-1J, 3 CH-47C, 5 UH-1)
7th Artillery Group (600 men, 22 M-46/type-59-1)

First Army Headquarters
18th Armored Division (1,200 men, 14 T-72, 6 T-55, 11 BMP-2, 8 M109)
88th Armored Division (1,500 men, 12 M60A1, 4 M47, 12 BTR-60, 9 BTR-50, 6 M109, 3 GHN-45)
28th Mechanized Division (1,400 men, 6 T-72, 13 BMP-1, 6 M109, 3 GHN-45)
1st Artillery Group (1,000 men, 10 BM-21 MRL, 9 Type-63 MRL, 35 M-46/Type-59-1)

Second Army Headquarters
81st Armored Division (1,000 men, 13 Chieftain Mk3/5, 13 M113A1/A2, 3 M 107, 2 2S1)
30th Infantry Division (1,500 men, 7 M-46/type-59-1, 6 D-30)
40th Infantry Division (1,400 men, 9 M-46/type-59-1, 3 D-30)
4th Artillery Group (800 men, 22 Type-63 MRL, 25 M-46/type-59-1)

Third Army Headquarters
84th Mechanized Division (1,100 men, 10 T-62, 12 BMP-1, 5 2S1)
58th Infantry Division (900 men, 8 M-46/type-59-1)
64th Infantry Division (800 men, 4 M-46/type-59-1, 3 D-30)
77th Infantry Division (1,100 men, 7 M-46/type-59-1, 4 D-30)
5th Artillery Group (900 men, 27 Type-63 MRL, 28 M-46/type-59-1)

First Army is locatd Around Bushehr
Second Army is Located around Bandar-e-Khomeyni/Shiraz
Third Army is located around Sirjan


11st Sqn (2 F-4E, 1 RF-4E)
22nd Sqn (7 F-5)
61st Sqn (5 F-14A)
62nd Sqn (5 F-4D)
91st Sqn (3 C-130)

The Iranian has got loads of spareparts for their aircrafts thru USA when the war begun. Therefore they could make airworthy a larger part of their old airforce.


Matt Wiser

Good work on a ground OB, but you have some things wrong with the Iranian AF, may I suggest:

11th TFS: at least two more F-4Es and another RF-4E.
21st TFS: F-5s seem OK.
61st TFS was and still is an F-4E unit. The F-14s are concentrated in the 81st, 82nd, and 83rd TFS. 81st and 82nd are at Khatami-Esfhahan (TFB 8), the 83rd is at Meherabad IAP/TFB 1.
62nd TFS is also an F-4E squadron.
91st is a TFS: they are F-4E equipped, they're known as the Sharks. C-130s are in the 11th and 12th TTS.
F-4Ds are in either the 101st TFS at Chah Bahar, or in the 306th TFS at Shahroki-Hamadan AB.
No Su-24s? They are in the 71st and 72nd TFS at Shiraz AB. MiG-29s are in the 12 TFS and the 23rd TFS. (Mehrabad IAP/TFB1 and Tabriz AP/TFB 2.

There would only be four active ABs in 2000: Shiraz International (known as TFB 7), Bushehr (TFB 6) Omidyeh (TFB 5) and Bandar Abbas (TFB 9) . Where are the squadrons located?

Matt Wiser

Evil Game Master

Thanx Matt for the Iranian AF OOB, I wasn't shure on the fact I had aviable =)

I buy your version any day.

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