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Old 11-08-2018, 06:22 AM
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Default Overseas Projects?

While it's great to play in a USA reshaped by an apocalypse others of us might want to play elsewhere in the world.

What sort of projects can we have that fits with the Morrow project?

In what ways would they be different? In what ways would they be the same?

Would they be hostile, neutral, friendly or allied to The Morrow Project?

Would they be civilian or military? Official or non-official?

Would they have different objectives? Would they have a different new world in mind to create?

The Morrow Project particularly revere the USA' constitution which may not be meaningful to some projects, but maybe it is to some?
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Old 11-08-2018, 09:03 AM
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To answer some of these questions we have to have answers to a few others. How prevalent was cyrobed or similar technology world wide? This will have a huge impact on the relations with Morrow Project and other nation state programs. For instance, it would not be hard to see China as not using cryobed technology and just housing a huge military complex to wait out the worst and then come out to reestablish an authoritarian regime that may even be welcomed by the survivors, as they have food and water to spare. After 150 years, how would this nation state progress and act is another question.
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