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08-06-2009, 12:53 PM
The Cossack Commonwealth of Ukraine-Transcaucuss (local name)
Population: 112,750,400
Capitol: Kiev
Largest City: Kiev (Greater)
Ethnic Groups: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish.
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian
Religions: Ukrainian Orthodox - Moscow Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox - Kiev Patriarchate, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic (Uniate), Protestant, Jewish
National Holiday: Independence Day, 24 August; Unity Day, 22 January (celebrates, the day Ukraine first declared its independence from Soviet Russia).
Government Type: Representative Republic

National Overview:


Executive Branch:
Chief of State: d (President)
Head of State: d (Prime Minister)
elections: president elected by popular vote for a five-year term; election last held 31 October and 14 November 2399 (next to be held NA October 2304); prime minister and deputy prime ministers appointed by the president and approved by the Supreme Council.

Legislative Branch: unicameral Supreme Council or Verkhovna Rada (450 seats; half of the Rada's seats are allocated on a proportional basis to those parties that gain 4% of the national electoral vote; the other 225 members are elected by popular vote in single-mandate constituencies; all serve four-year terms)
Upper House: d
Lower House: d
elections: last held 31 March 2302 (next to be held in 2306)

Judicial Branch:
Chief Supreme Justice, and eight Supreme Justices. each serve one six year term (many not succeed self, but can be reelected at later date). They hold court at the Hall of Justice in Kiev.

Political Parties:
Liberal Democratic Party: d
Social Democratic Party: d
Christian Democratic Party: d
Conservative Republican Party: d
National Conservative Party: d
Socialist Party of Ukraine-Transcaucuss: d
Conservative Cossack People’s Party: d
Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists: d

Administrative Divisions:
24 oblast (province)/oblasti (provinces): Cherkas'ka (Cherkasy), Chernihivs'ka (Chernihiv), Chernivets'ka (Chernivtsi), Dnipropetrovs'ka (Dnipropetrovs'k), Donets'ka (Donets'k), Ivano-Frankivs'ka (Ivano-Frankivs'k), Kharkivs'ka (Kharkiv), Khersons'ka (Kherson), Khmel'nyts'ka (Khmel'nyts'kyy), Kirovohrads'ka (Kirovohrad), Kyyivs'ka (Kiev), Luhans'ka (Luhans'k), L'vivs'ka (L'viv), Mykolayivs'ka (Mykolayiv), Odes'ka (Odesa), Poltavs'ka (Poltava), Rivnens'ka (Rivne), Sums'ka (Sumy), Ternopil's'ka (Ternopil'), Vinnyts'ka (Vinnytsya), Volyns'ka (Luts'k), Zakarpats'ka (Uzhhorod), Zaporiz'ka (Zaporizhzhya), Zhytomyrs'ka (Zhytomyr).
note: oblasts have the administrative center name following in parentheses

1 avtonomna riespublika (autonomous republic): Avtonomna Respublika Krym (Simferopol')
2 Mista (special municipal district): Kyyiv, Sevastopol'.

d (Colonies): d, d (Sol); New Ukraine (Nova Ukrayina), Belle Terra (Alpha Centauri); d, Aurore (Eta Bootis).
d (Protectorates): d, d (); d, d (); d, d (); d, d ().
d (Dependencies): d, d (); d, d (); d, d (); d, d ().
d (Territories): d, d (); d, d (); d, d (); d, d ().

The Armed Forces of the Cossack Commonwealth of Ukraine-Transcaucuss:
Ground Forces (Army, Interior Army, Border Guards, Airborne Assault Force, Air Force, Strategic Rocketry Forces), Space Forces (Spaceborne Assault Force), Naval Forces (includes Marines & Naval Aviation)