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04-20-2011, 03:12 AM
I have neglected to properly label the lasty session and the next one coming uo 29 and 30 of April.

It is season 7 (!)

Mon dieu. We were just toddlers when we started this campaign and look at us now!
Now are toddlers with kids and jobs and the works!!

Here it is - the official thread for season 7!

04-20-2011, 03:33 AM
took place in January - just posting a recap for those who want to read abou it:

The party manages to shoot heir way out of the encirclement at the farmhouse and bust through several roadblocks. All are wounded and the stolen vehicle is in a dire condition.

Riddled with bullets, the party make their way to the only allies they can think of- the free City of Orland. The city is in rebellion against the NDP forces in the central valley.

The party is hidden in a compound outside the city and given medical treatment. As recovery progresses, the party is informed that a massive manhunt is ongoing and that substantial rewards have been posted for all of them.

Their gear is taken away and new aliases and equipment is issued by their allies on the 24th of December 2019.

They are then givern an assignment to meet a contact south of Cottonwood,CA. The" mission" is uneventful although some precautions must be made at all times due to obvious search activities. The party later considers the whole job a ploy to get them as far away from Orland as possible not to attract any heat to the city. Armed, fed and in a modified RV the party head north and approach Cottonwood. They decide to take shelter from an approaching rad-storm in a seemingly abandoned compound. There is some surprise as stacks of firewood and obvious signs of habitation is discovered. Also a room converted to a cell or animal pen is found.

After the storm subsides the compound is approached by a ragged column on foot. The party quickly make out a group of captives and their guards. When safely in range, the party ambushes the group taking outthe guards in a few phases of deliberate fireing. The captives fall on the wounded guards and kill them with their bare hands and bludgeons them with rocks etc. Apparently the party has sheltered in what is a stop over post for slaver sheading north. The captives are freed and fed from the guards stockpile, but nevertheless locked up. The party decides to free and arm the prisoners with the guards weapons when they leave that night. All settle in to wait for nightfall....