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Slar 03-18-2021 04:03 PM

Saw a post about odd Project settings.
There was a post, New Twists and turns, that described alternate settings for the game, such as alien invasion, zombies, etc.

In a similar vein, what games have you played where the Project existed, but the game wasn't actually -about- the Project?

The one I did was Cyberpunk 2020. Morrow Industries, and the Project, existed at one point. Bruce's mucking about with the time line is why the technology in the setting is so much more advanced than in reality. Sadly, Bruce doesn't survive.

When the public finds out that he had Universal Antibody in the 1980s, at the height of the AIDS crisis, they storm Morrow offices nationwide. Bruce, finally realizing that the war is never coming, and that all his actions had done more harm than good, doesn't even struggle when they string him up from the lamp post outside his building.

All evidence of the Project is destroyed by loyalists. Investigations into Morrow Industries conclude that Bruce was a fraud and a grifter, who stole much of the money that the Counsel of Tomorrow had funneled into his coffers, The rest was spent on R&D for various projects such as fusion power, cryogenic suspension, weaponized lasers, and nanotech.

Occasionally, there will be news of some kind of hidden bunker or storage cache being discovered during construction, or after a natural disaster. Invariably, they are full of weapons and explosives, making them incredibly hazardous.

Worse still are the manned bunkers, with people in cryo-sleep. They seem insane, ranting about nuclear war. Heavily armed, they are considered extremely dangerous. Authories urge anyone who thinks they may have found such a facility to report it ASAP, and never to try to breach the seals.

So far, no one has connected Morrow Industries to these bunkers/caches. At least not publicly. Of course, we all know that the feds know.

StainlessSteelCynic 03-19-2021 02:55 AM

I did a mixed Morrow Project/Dark Conspiracy campaign once.
In this case, a world war did not occur in the way that we would expect, but a global war did occur after the public in several nations discovered the threat of the Dark Ones (from the Dark Conspiracy setting) and demanded action.
What had initially been covert action against hidden invaders turned into full-scale overt action and the planet got trashed.

Bruce foresaw all that and so the Project went ahead but with the idea that Project members would sleep for about 10-12 years. Naturally things go wrong with that and the PCs woke up about 120 years later.
Unfortunately the person that seemed best suited to play the psychic (Empath in Dark Conspiracy) ended up going a bit stupid with the character and effectively screwed up the teams chances to survive when he declared their main cache inhabited by spectres or some other ghostly nasty (something he pretty much created himself without any direction from me as GM).
His silliness killed the campaign before it got in high gear.

Slar 03-19-2021 12:00 PM

Dark Conspiracy/Morrow Project?
Which way were you converting? Dark Conspiracy baddies into Project stats, or using Twilight 2K or DC for creating Project members?

StainlessSteelCynic 03-21-2021 12:47 AM


Originally Posted by Slar (Post 87047)
Which way were you converting? Dark Conspiracy baddies into Project stats, or using Twilight 2K or DC for creating Project members?

I was using the Twilight: 2000 Version 2.2 rules, stats, etc. etc. and blending the Dark Conspiracy and TMP background stories.
As mentioned, it didn't last particularly long, a few sessions over a few months before that one player made it too silly for me and the other players so we moved on to other things (and so I never did much more than initial work on any conversions and so on).

Slar 03-21-2021 01:51 AM

I did a post-apoc zombie game using the Twilight 2.2/Dark Conspiracy stuff. If it had gone longer, I was planning on bringing in the Project. Sadly, it ran out of steam before that point.

gamerguy 03-21-2021 06:43 AM

I always thought about running a convention scenario where things work as described. The players wake up 6 months after the "war". This was about the time of my umpteenth watching of Red Dawn so the premise was America had been over run by commies and the players wake up to the sight of Hinds flying overhead in the game time frame.

This would have been good for one off convention games better than on going campaigns in my humble opinion. The players should also be more war gamers or much more combat oriented than my usual save the world role players. The players could assist or form local resistance cells or become the sharp point of the spear for local forces. No botanists need apply. More challenging if the players are a recon team, definitely don't let them play a MARS team. Not enough challenge!

Sorry, forgot to add: This works best with players who are familiar, or somewhat familiar to The Project as written, wake 150 years later, so when they open their bolt holes to have a flight of Hinds overhead things should go sideways fast.

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