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headquarters 02-16-2009 01:10 AM

New Damage Rules
What did you think ?

To nice or too nasty ?

I am thinking about changing the dmg to head rules so that critical dmg =immideate death rather than the tables we have today .

(Making it a bit more nasty really)

Rupert Willies 02-17-2009 12:54 PM

I think the tables do quite nicely. I'm not ONLY saying that because I was stabbed in the head by a rampant robotic alien, and live to tell, but because others have done nearly the same in real life, and lived too. The head is a remarkable feature of the human body - so fragile, and yet so well protected.

I think that critical damage to the head does not necessarily cause death, and most certainly not immediate. The head can take enormous amounts of damage, yet a single blow can grant you the dirt nap.

In my point of view the tables reflect this; immediate death is a possibility, so is brain damage, but so is also getting away with you life, and only scars to tell the tale.

Also, there should be a third alternative - X Great the way they are!

headquarters 02-17-2009 01:09 PM

I wanted to put it on the spot ,if you have to choose -what would it be ?

And I totally agree with you on the damage argument .People can die from a .22 to the chest or like William Nygaard get shot 3 times with a .44 and live to brag about it .

As the game progress PCs will take critical hits and get shorter bleed time results meaning that another PC have fewer chances to save the wounded character.

I bet that there will be PC deaths soon enough. But I would like the rules to get to be as common ground as possible.

headquarters 02-18-2009 01:36 AM

New Damage Rules -update- Important Read !
After considering recent feedback I think a compromise on the damage rules is needed.Some of you think its boring that PCs survive , some of you like it the way they are .Some want alittle change .

(Devil - see I changed those rules that you said needed changing the time we playe dthe Belize jungle mission !)

While keeping the elements that everybody knows from the original rules in the book such as critical hits ,loss of consciousness when below zero etc the rules have been made less severe by the fact that I suggest that we no longer kill PC instantly if critical to the head .Instead there is a table for each hit location and this details effects if a critical hit is scored .

In game that would mean that there is at least a 10% chance of a critical hit almost in all instances -some ,like explosions with a lot of concussion and high caliber guns will have much higher values -like 90 or 100 % chance.

This doesnt mean that life is without end though - I have sharpened the following rules :

bleeding to death - in the book only critical level wounds bled you out .
In MY glorious rules , serious wounds will bleed you out in 10 minutes.
Critical level wounds in 5 minutes .

I also sharpened the difficulty in giving first aid ,making it more and more difficult to treat the more grave the wound is -a critical level wound now requires a difficult medical check to stop the bleeding .A serious wound takes an average check .slight is easy but is only to avoid longer term effects -not to stop imminent death!

And lastly, the complication rules have been sharpened as well now relying on a con check to avoid infections etc and the possibilities of the surgeon have been limited to a certain number of attempts to perform surgery pr 24 hrs

!!!I am open to suggestions on this so pour the feedback on !!!

Most important read people -please log on to thebigbookofwar and check it out .

Let me know what you think


General Pain 02-18-2009 02:42 AM

it isn't rules that kill players, but landmines,stupidity and other players.

headquarters 02-18-2009 03:16 AM

hehe..good times

Originally Posted by General Pain
it isn't rules that kill players, but landmines,stupidity and other players.

but it will be the rules that kill em now.

if seriously wounded the other characters have 10 minutes to get to you and perform succesful med check to stabilize bleeding or you take the dirt nap..

critical wounds its 5 minutes .

short version : bleeding to death becomes probably no#1 cause of PC death .

On the other hand -no auto death if critical level head wounds

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