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Rainbow Six 02-02-2016 03:08 PM

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Last one...a couple of Soviet / Russian warlords, both of whom you may recognise...

Blink_Dog 02-08-2016 02:25 PM



Blink_Dog 04-09-2016 05:53 PM


I'm working on some art for a new version of Twilight 2000, if I can get the rights.


Draq 02-15-2017 10:55 AM

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EvilvonScary 03-06-2017 10:04 PM

Took a stab using pic program, using an old pic I had. then trying to make it look drawn. giving a nod to the illustrations from TW2K.

EvilvonScary 03-06-2017 10:15 PM

heres another attempt at the effect

James Langham2 04-01-2017 10:58 AM

My photography
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A few pics that I have taken in my photography business for the game.

mcchordsage 09-12-2017 02:27 PM

A little more Twilight 1964, but they're still neat and post-apocalyptic. Part of 100 some snapshots I bought earlier this year.



James Langham 04-02-2018 06:08 AM

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A few more from the British army Sourcebook I am working on. All are taken by me.

mcchordsage 04-10-2018 09:10 PM

A few pictures I gathered for a brief source-pamphlet on USCG LEDETs and Port Security units that's been stuck in the background for a while. Both USCG photos if I remember right.



Legbreaker 11-14-2019 06:36 PM

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sofiaprimera124 05-06-2020 07:25 PM

curious :s
you sharing images from post-apocalyptic sites, and curiously 12 years later we are going through an apocalypse, how crazy, right? hahahaha I'm afraid xd:(

Legbreaker 05-06-2020 10:57 PM

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Originally Posted by sofiaprimera124 (Post 83291)
you sharing images from post-apocalyptic sites, and curiously 12 years later we are going through an apocalypse, how crazy, right? hahahaha I'm afraid xd:(

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Raellus 06-14-2020 02:44 PM

[img src=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1b/MT-LB_US_Marines.jpg/800px-MT-LB_US_Marines.jpg]

Raellus 06-14-2020 02:45 PM


Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons: "U.S. Marine Infantrymen from the 3rd Amphibious Assault Battalion, 1st Marine Division, are riding in two soviet bloc MT-LB Multi-Purpose Tracked vehicles. The Marines were acting as the Opposing Forces (OPFOR) during this exercise. Location: CAMP PENDLETON, CALIFORNIA (CA) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) "

StainlessSteelCynic 06-29-2020 09:57 PM

A Chinese PLA horseman riding towards a nuclear explosion whilst aiming a Kalashnikov during a Nuclear weapons test in Lop Nur, China, 1964.


From here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sovietwa...=page_internal

StainlessSteelCynic 12-16-2020 03:19 AM

Well my last post doesn't seem to have worked particularly well so here it is again...


and for some other images of military personnel on horseback, but Russian this time, check the following page: -

pmulcahy11b 12-16-2020 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by General Pain (Post 1847)
I thought it might be a good idea to have a "ruins" or "post-apocalyptic" picture thread for T2K gamers/gms with the inspiration and everything.


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