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rcaf_777 01-01-2009 08:02 AM

Equipment for China
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I came arcoss these vehicles awhile ago, the attached pic is a Chinesse Copy of the Hummer and the second is project that CG came up for making T-55 a more modern tank, both I think would used durring the War

fightingflamingo 01-02-2009 10:07 AM

While both vehicles might be used by the PLA. Do you know what the initial production dates of the vehicles are in China. I think that the Hummer knockoff probably comes too late for PLA fielding in the V1 or V2 timelines...

Not sure about the T-55 variant either.

One thing those of us in the DC group have looked at it that the Chinese Industrial Base is either in occupied territiory, or severely impaired due to airstrikes, on the factories, the transportation system, and the electrical grid, which is one reason that the PLA looks to the west for both high and low end military equipment in late 1995 through October 1996...

this has the net effect of providing an primer on the wartime economic mobilization of the west (we've mainly looked at the US & some of Canada), with increased orders for tactical Trucks (HEMMT's & HMMWVs), as well as munitions (high tech & Low), uniforms, boots, field rations, basically all the things that China needs since it's workforce is mobilized for a conventional war, or supporting it... and the effects of air attacks on the national economy, not to mention loss of industry in the Soviet occupation zone.

Mohoender 01-02-2009 10:39 AM

The hummer copy is currently entering production as it was selected in 2005 (about 60 vehicles in service at the time). first trial was something like 2000. The standard chinese light vehicle would remain the BJ-212 and BJ-2020 in V1 and V2 timelines.

However, it would be well in service if you play according to the T2013 timeline.

Here is an interesting website on chinese defense.


rcaf_777 01-02-2009 09:20 PM

If you read the document on the project all the way through you will see the porject was at the protype stage by 1990, the US could easliy buy T-55 through a number of Middle East Nations, (Israel and Egypt) and refit the tanks and then ship them to China, and about the hummer would'nt be possible for China to make there own since China has reverse engineered the M-16 why not the hummer

Mohoender 01-02-2009 09:40 PM

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The attached document is on the Jaguar, isn't it?

From what I had on the hummer copy the timeframe is the following:
1988: demonstration of a hummer by GM
1990's: importation of a number of hummer by Chinese companies.
2002: development of their own.
2005: validation of the project.
2007: first models entering service.

That might still work for the V2 timeline but I would think it is a bit late for the V1 timeline. Nevertheless, why not as production line can be set up by GM itself or a copy might be made earlier because of the war. A militarized Jeep Cherokee could also be found. About the Jaguar project I found that nice picture.

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