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The Zappster 04-25-2020 07:25 AM

Can't wait

Olefin 05-13-2020 11:01 AM

Volume 2 has been published on drivethrurpg.com as a free download - will have it here and on facebook as well


FYI the original volume 1 is also there as well

Olefin 06-16-2020 08:42 AM

uploaded the second volume of the fanzine on that thread - will upload it here tonight as well

Olefin 07-07-2020 03:58 PM

FYI just to give an idea on how well the two fanzines were recevied when they went up on drivethrurpg.com

and also keep in mind that by late June I had posted the second volume here for free and Grimace's volume 1 had been on Paul's site for years - so putting them there brought a much wider audience for both of them

Month Model Product Total Sold

5-2020 T2000 Fanzine- You're On Your Own No. 1 1203

6-2020 T2000 Fanzine- You're On Your Own No. 1 69

7-2020 T2000 Fanzine- You're On Your Own No. 1 10

2018-07-01 through 2020-07-07

Month Model Product Total Sold

5-2020 T2000 Fanzine- You're On Your Own No. 2 1192

6-2020 T2000 Fanzine- You're On Your Own No. 2 75

7-2020 T2000 Fanzine- You're On Your Own No. 2 10

Raellus 01-28-2021 12:34 PM

Vol. 3
Volume 3 of the fanzine is now up at drivethrurpg.com - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product...o-3?src=newest

And it's free!


Originally Posted by Olefin
Issue No. 3-You’re On Your Own- Twilight: 2000 fanzine, with articles on:

American Samoa by David S. Adams

City of Angels Supplement by David S. Adams

Rooks Gambit Bonus Material by Alf Bergesen

Chemical Warfare Twilight 2000 by Michael Perkins

Port Security, Law Enforcement, and Coastal Forces Units in the Twilight War by John McDonald

The Treasure Mine by Malcom Pipes

Red Dawn Fan Fic - First Kill by Matt Wiser

Middle East Air Forces by Matt Wiser

Bridgework by Joe Thomas

Expanded Stage III medical rules Twilight 2013 by Otso Ollikainen

Starting on Volume 4 and if you want to be part of it I am looking for submissions for Twilight 2000 V1, V2.2, MERC and Twilight 2013 - send them to my email at dsadams1@msn.com

pmulcahy11b 01-28-2021 07:00 PM

I didn't even know 2 was out, But I have them all now!

Olefin 02-03-2021 12:55 PM

Already starting to work on Issue 4 and love to see submissions for it. Have received a couple already. Hope those of you who have downloaded issue 3 have enjoyed it!

Olefin 02-04-2021 07:29 AM

Issue 4 line up so far

me - Free Port of Zanzibar

Matt Wiser - Red Dawn: Ace Mission

James Langham - more cover art and an article

Gunner - 2nd Rad Zone contest winner story Post Office

cawest - Looking for Something story - East Africa (love to reprint it as a continuing series in the fanzine)

Please keep the submissions coming

Olefin 02-21-2021 02:01 PM

FYI to show how much interest there is in the fanzine - downloads to date of the three issues

As of Feb 20, 2021

No. 1 Grand Totals: 1890

No. 2 Grand Totals: 1874

No. 3 Grand Totals: 1096

Matt Wiser 04-26-2021 08:49 PM

Any news on the next issue?

Olefin 04-26-2021 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by Matt Wiser (Post 87485)
Any news on the next issue?

Working on it now - I got distracted by my yearly battle with the IRS and doing the taxes for myself and my kids - but on it now - have a canon expansion of the East Africa Sourcebook, "The Free Port of Zanzibar", almost done (my contribution) and looking for more for the 4th edition of the fanzine

Updated info (as of today) on fanzine downloads since last issue released - thank you all for your continued interest in the fanzine

No. 1 - 2040
No. 2 - 2011
No. 3 - 1319

Regardless of what happens to this forum the fanzine will continue and there will be new editions on a regular basis.

You can PM me here if you have any contributions or questions or you can send contributions for the next edition or future editions by getting in touch with me at my Facebook group or my email - dsadams1@msn.com.

The Facebook group is a private group but all you need to do is ask to be made a member - any forum member can join.

Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/283302212153031

Olefin 04-28-2021 08:58 AM

Found an article that shrike6 and Paul were talking about back in 2018 for Panama that was originally posted on Chris Callahan’s Twilight 2000 page which was dedicated to Twilight 2000 South America and dealt specifically with US and other forces in Panama, Colombia and Central America.

Orrin Ladd reposted this on his page and tried to contact Chris but was unable to contact him. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Chris please get a hold of me as I would love to use this for the fanzine.

Can use it as is for V1 or edit it for the V2.2 canon which saw the 173rd temporarily deployed to Central America before it went to Kenya.

Can give accreditation to Chris and post as is but would much rather get his official blessing.

This was the link Shrike6 posted - https://web.archive.org/web/20021206...uthamerica.htm

thread here where Shrike6 and Paul were discussing it - https://forum.juhlin.com/showthread.php?t=5740

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