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Tegyrius 02-25-2021 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by chico20854 (Post 86859)
There isn't much out there. The most info I could find that isn't sensationalist generalizations is in Russian here and here. You'll have to machine translate it if you, like me, don't read Russian but the summary is that the older models weighed about 25kg and had a .2-1 kt yield; the newer RA-115 weighed 30kg and had a yield of .5-2 kt and was made in a submersible version for Naval spetsnaz as well as a land variant.

Good intel, Chico. Thank you.

I didn't see the original question because I am following advice provided in the forum guidelines. If other parties are interested, my intent was that the number, placement, and yield of the ADMs are best left to the individual referee. This allows the ref to fine-tune the destruction of Bremerton according to their desires. Some may want it completely unsalvageable; others may want a T2kU in which a few of the ships sidebarred on page 20 can be returned to service.

- C.

Tegyrius 05-01-2021 01:08 PM

I'd like to thank forum member James Langham for his YouTube review of The Pacific Northwest. As I don't make a habit of monitoring YouTube comment threads, I'll use this thread to respond to some of the points he raised.

I've already addressed the lack of maps upthread, so I'll apologize again and move on. :)

I appreciate the appreciation for Vasily Ignatiev. He and Maxim Melnik were by far my favorite NPCs to write, and I think Vasily is easily translatable into any other theatre of the war in which Soviet Category C formations fought.

I expected someone to pick up on the lack of NPC portraits, and I do apologize for that too. I chose to omit them because of the difficulty in finding a royalty-free collection of appropriate images. I tinkered with individual portraits from different but found that, without a consistent scale and style, the effect was too disjointed (a problem from which I think the vehicle pages suffer as well).

With regards to the question raised by one of the YouTube commenters: I believe the only vehicle in Pacific Northwest that was previously published was the ATV, which appeared in Challenge #47 with v2.0 stats. Its inclusion was a request from a friend who passed away during the book's production. To the best of my knowledge, everything else appears with game stats for the first time in quasi-official publication.

- C.

Olefin 05-01-2021 08:45 PM

The C-23 Sherpa was part of the RDF forces but it wasnt detailed in that Sourcebook. It was detailed in Challenge Magazine 26 in the Air Module which was by Frank Frey but it was for V1 stats - the article was to detail the aircraft that would be part of US and other forces in the RDF module for those who wanted to try being pilots.

Other than that they are all new and love seeing the new equipment

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