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Adm.Lee 08-06-2009 09:34 PM

Challenge mag campaigns for Star Cruiser
When 2300AD came out, our group had finished a great campaign of T2k, but we broke up to start at different colleges. My brother (still in high school) picked up 2300 and Star Cruiser, and we noodled about with it, but never seriously played it. I bought a lot of Challenges for the T2k and Space:1889 stuff, and only skimmed the Traveller and 2300 articles. He sold off the 2300 stuff some time later.

Some years later (mid-'90s?) I happened to read the "Lone Wolf" and "Three blind mice" campaigns for Star Cruiser. Those two really hooked me, enough that I re-bought both games and some modules online. I got active for a year or two on the yahoo group, too. At the time, my friends were playing Full Thrust and Dirtside (SF minis games), and I had visions of adapting these for them. Sadly, this never panned out. (At least, not yet?)

So, did anyone play with these? They would seem to be ideal for PbEM or PbP.

It's still one of my favorite settings, too.

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