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headquarters 02-19-2009 04:46 AM

The Council & notable NPCs in Eureka
Eureka Council .

Please do post your NPcs you consider a part of the town .Use MacIntyre as an example.

headquarters 02-19-2009 04:47 AM

Col. Augustus Del Marcio
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Attachment 359

Colonel Del Marcio is the representative of the former MilGov Asia organization.

The colonel is a former 101st Airborne Division soldier,and a good one at that .He has extensive knowledge of the Middle East ,speaks Arabic,Pashto and Tagalog as well as English and Spanish .He has participated in several major campaigns and is known to be a cunning adversary .

he now resides in the Militia barracks `officers quarters with his family of 4.

When afoot he usually turns out wearing regulation uniform,personal body armour and weapons such as his M4 and his Kimber made M1911A1.
A bodyguard of 3 normally accompanies the colonel -although his reassuring manners and quiet persuasiveness makes him a popular and respected leader .

His work centers on getting an agreement on -and the organizaton for a Volunteer Militia up and running .


headquarters 02-19-2009 05:32 AM

Mrs. Sheila DeVone
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Attachment 360

Council Woman Sheila DeVone originally hails from Louisiana .She is the elected council woman for the civilian part of the former MilGov refugees that have settled in Eureka.

She is a mother of 5 ,grandmother of 11 and is considered a maternal authorithy by all in the contingent -military or civillian alike.

She puts her full faith and her life in the hands of our Lord and Jesus Christ ,and she will not abide cussing, foul language or behaviour.This is a sure way to get on her bad side -a place much dreaded by most who know her.But she is a forgiving type as all good Christiansd are ,and if you are willing to repent she will take you into her heart again .

She can be a hard negotiator and have seen her share of action ,both as a nurse in the trauma ward during MilGovs attacks on PacGov in hawaii in 2017 and 18 ,but also with her Remington 870 in her hands if wayward children of God are up to no good.


headquarters 02-19-2009 07:52 AM

Mr. Herbert Melchior Bundt
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Attachment 361

Mr Bundt is the representative elected to speak for the people who lived in the Eureka area before th erecent influx of refugees.

He is a meticulous man ,always careful in chosing his words and very deliberate when deciding .He doesnt like to be put on the spot in any way ,and easily gets flustered.His decisions are ,however long in coming they may be ,very well informed and balanced.

He lives with his wife ,and his greater family that consists of his children ,inlaws,afew friends of the family and their kids as well as an old gardner they have taken in and 11 dogs.All in all 32 people .

Mr.Bundt has a hidden side though .He won the regional boxing championhips for amateurs ,middle weight class in 1978 and 80.This is several weight classes ago .


headquarters 02-19-2009 08:11 AM

Major Harold Chin
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Attachment 362


Major Chin is the elected representative of the former MilGov military .Chosen from the rank and file as well as commissioned officers ,he represents the soldiers themselves.

Major Chin is a serious soldier who lives for his job .he has an outstanding service record,several awards and medals for bravery and accomplishments and a fierce dedication to the patriotic cause.His loyalty is without question towards the nation and its people.

He has not set foot on US soil the last 18 years though .His folks were American service personell stationed in Japan and the P.I .They later started a successful buisnessventure overseas ,and stayed on .The family was raised in the US community of expats and attended mostly American schools and socialized with mostly Americans.

After the november 2004 attacks , sticking with the military seemed the only option .Major Chin recieved military training from a very tender age and saw action in his early teens.Trained in the field and with intermittent courses run by MilGov Asia,he is not a typical US officer.

His capabilities are examples to be strived after by any military officer.

headquarters 02-19-2009 09:07 AM

Other Npcs

Players are encouraged to post their own examples as long as the rough formula as seen in council members is followed.

GM retains the right to edit /delete and use contributions as he sees fit without explanation .

headquarters 02-19-2009 09:14 AM

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Attachment 363

MacIntyre is the town drunk.He is an elderly man that has gotten by on his own for decades .Rumour has it he is a war veteran -though no one can say for sure.

In the world of T2K most people dress in whatever rags they can find from before the Twilight fell.This means that MacIntyre doesnt stick out in a negative way on account of his clothes no more.Having fended for himself for so long ,he actually commands a natural respect as he knows wher stuff can be found.

He sometimes hires out as a "consultant" wheneversomeone in town needs something found.Some of his pay is alway sdrawn in alcholic beverages .To see him for a business meeting requires paying the consultant fee of one half litre of spirits.

He has an old Redwood stub outside of town as well as his own spot on the notices board by the town hall ,were people can leave notes for him .

theDevil 02-22-2009 01:58 PM

Muktar Ibrahim
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Attachment 380

Muktar Ibrahim

a black market entrepreneur, a paranoid man who tok to many precautions before the war. Well atleast that is what was thought about him, untill all the others also saw the end, of civilized society, moving towards them.

known for his ruthless maners, a bad drunk, and has developed a great drug problem, he is often in the mist of "troubles", late night brawls and other stuff, as he sobers up he always manages to get out of his mess, either with bribes/buyoffs or threaths.

he does not let anybody near his buisniss, and even as the though/bad guy rumor he has, he also has a rumor of helping the common people of eureka, a robin hood like crook, as long as you dont owe him, ofcourse.
he has saved many people peddling blackmarket drugs, like penecilin and other medical supplies, to an affordable prise, when the crisis is at it most, but as drug pedler he is no giving guy, sometimes it seems he has a psychological problem.

he aspects payment, always, and as the bumbersticker says on his rigged up oldsmobile, "ass gras or gas, either way youre gonna pay"

he is always acompanied whith two guards, twin brothers, carrying mac-10, and a handpiece, that seems to differ, from time to time. Muktar is carrying a hunting rifle with 6x scope. it is told he hit a card hold by a man from 250yards, in the rain.

the twins, is the closest Muktar comes to family.

Attachment 381

headquarters 02-23-2009 05:56 AM

"Madame" Kitty LeBoeuf
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Every place people settle and control isnt too strict ,there will be someone running a place to meet someone selling whatever people want to buy .

Madame LeBoeuf owns such an establishment ,a run down and sordid sort of place with questionable business practices .

Some will say it is an outrageous crime that starving young people go there to work for food and get exploited .

Others say that it is a good thing that they are not left to starve and that they get a roof over their heads and some protection.

Either way you look at it ,the house of LeBouefs is in the oldest business in the world.

Rumours have it that the Madam ( as she insists on being called ) was really named Gladys Wurtstein and was a former high school teacher.

Whatever they say ,it is a least well documented that three incidents of fatal shootings have occurred at her place -all reported being "male customer who got violent and had to be killed in self defense " type situations."Madame" is credited with all three kills using a M1911a1 .45 ACP AND a 12 gage sawed off shotgun .

headquarters 02-23-2009 11:35 AM

Harvey O`Brian
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Attachment 387

A place with as much connection to the sea as Eureka will have people living their who knows the water as a way of making ends meet .

Harvey is an old salt and knows the coast ,the shoals,the banks and the inlets like the back of his hand .Sure he is getting on a bit and arthritis makes him grumpy when its foul out -but he negates the weather like he was a part of the elements.

Word around town is that he used to run a succesful marijuana smuggling operation using fishing boats to send high grade weed to customers further south .No one dares ask though -not that it matters in T2K. Old he might be ,but his Remington 870 has fresh notches on the but stock .Its probably just seagulls.

Good tobacco is always a good opener with Harvey.

headquarters 02-24-2009 08:37 AM

Dr.Med. Neil Rubenstein
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Attachment 395

Dr.Rubenstein has taken upon himself the task of keeping the St.Josephs hospital open -even in this extreme time of crisis.

He personally performs surgery,canvas to collect contributions,organizes staff and a dozen other things.He is aided by a mixed staff of professionals and volunteers-all doing their best with what little they have got .

The hospital provides an island of hope and humanity in the sea of human darkness engulfing everything .After the influx of outsiders to Eureka ,security has improved and rations and fuel for the worn out generators have been forthcoming .Also several doctors and paramedics have been assigned to the staff from the various factions ,making it the only working medical facility with a variety of services in the known world.

There are still shortages of pharmaceuticals,suppliesof all kinds and manpower - but things look infinietly more promising by autumn 2019 then in the many months of mayhem before .

The doctor is an idealist .He burn shis candle in both ends to accomplish as much as he can.
All patienst are triaged according to his principle of fairness-those with the best chances first and special care given to all children and pregnant women -even at the expense of having more..prominent persons wait .

He is revered by the populace for his work and word of his doings are spreading .
Volunteer bodyguards follow him closely every day as a way of thanking him for previous help.

General Pain 02-24-2009 08:59 AM

Harry "Lowrider" Barkley-Smith

As a former pilot working for SWA (South Western Airlines) and with experience with turboprop and jet-engines he has lots of credetions by the locals of Eureka. Took over controll of the Eureka Airfield after the 2nd civil war. He is very glad to have the new factions increase the city's airpower. He is conserned about the current fuel situation. He has 4 bodyguards that follows him. In the airtraffic controll tower he usually spends his days,thinking of how things used to be,he is a vicious shot with his Barret .50BMG and has installed armor skirts to the top of the airtraffic controll tower (chain operated)

Barkley-Smith is a meticulous man ,paying great attention to detail .Some belive his involvement in the airfield to be a psycological condtion to compensate for the loss of family and friends.he is very protective of the operation ,and always on the council members back to get more supplies and manpower .

General Pain 02-25-2009 02:02 AM

Chumash "Spirit Walker " Taima

Chumash (55) is considered the local native Indian Spokesman and he has a semi-burned down house in the center of Eureka. He is a skilled herbalist with extensive knowledge of local and non-local plants.He grew up in north California, but left the Indian reservation,when he saw that his fellow natives reduced themself to a shadow of their former self, with extensive drinking. He travelled for many years (India, Afrika, Australia, Norway, Russia, France, Brazil, Turkey) learning all he could from the local shamans and similar spirituel people. He is a master archer and hunter. He has one of the last functioning stables still operational (63 horses) (He refuses to sell any for materialistic thing,but maybe for a service?)
He is kind of feared by the locals in Eureka,but high command puts it of as superstitions. He is rumored to have cursed a local merchant that delivered bad food to natives.
He also owns a sailboat "SANUYE" (Red cloud at sundown) (Miwok) (40ft) wich he uses as his home. For the moment he struggles to get a seat in Eureka's Council, on behalf of his people wich numbers around 220. For the moment the counsil has declined all his pleas to sit in with them on the grounds that his group is too small to get any special treatment. The counsil situation still angers him since in his eyes this is his peoples land that have been taken and destroyed.
The only one of the newly arrived factions he has had any contact with so far ,is General Pain - this is because in the early days of PACGOV ,GP tried to recruit all the local native tribes of California,it failed but they still have contact with eachother. He seems to have some issues with GP because it reminds him of the forbidden religions of the ancients.

The old ones spoke of the scaled demons that would walk on two like a man and devour the living .Their drawings look alot like a man wearing the heavy infantry armour popular among some of the warlord factions in the 2nd American Civil war.

The white men took the land away from the true people in the early 1800s ,and expelled the indians.But now it seems that the white man is ill with a desease of the mind that makes him burn everything he has and kill all that he see to try and hurt the earth .But he will only make himself disappear and leave room once more for the tribes of the "Klamath" -the North.

Rumour has it that he used to be a top executive in an alternative medicine company before the wars .

He really enjoys speaking what he calls "movie -injun" to people whiter than him self .(He might be of mixed descent.)This is just hearsay though.

General Pain 02-25-2009 05:38 AM

Ulysses "Monkeywrench" Thumberton

Ulysses (62) lives with his family (wife 4 kids) in Randall Street,Eureka. He has recently opened a garage where he repaires car motors. For the moment biznizz is slow due to the lack of spare parts, but he has gotten a deal with the city council that supplies him and his family with food and water for his services. He served in the first Gulf War as a mechanic, so he has seen some action. He usually carries a 9mm handgun.

He is seen as another light in the darkness of what was once a thriving community.

The war(s) has taken it's toll to his mental and physical health though,so he usually can be found with cheap booze on his breath, and some radiation-damage (unknown amaount) after beeing in a holonist refugee/slave camp some kilometers outside Fresno before it was nuked. This has given him a conundrum however...Does he hate the ones nuking Fresno which in retrospect gave him his freedom back...

In his spare time he is either home with his family or drunk at the House of Pain.

Rumors have it that he knows the whereabouts of the hated General Stalingrad of the Holonists, this however is usually regarded as drunk-talk by the other patrons in the local community.

General Pain 02-25-2009 08:17 AM

Mohammed Al-Jahmana El-Sukhr
Mohammed (60) is the leader of the Eureka Muslim movement. He serves and directs a flock of aprox. 40 muslims in the Eureka area, he tries to advocate peace and unity but the recent global events has left many muslims to leave their faiths,seeing that global nuclear war is a sign that there is no God. He still have contact with some of them, but contact has been more sporadic in recent months. Mohammed and his group has had hard times and they are for the moment living on a minimum of food and water.

He is usually followed by atleast a couple of his followers. Recent times has shown him to be a reserved leader who uses many hours each day to pray to Alah.It seems he is waiting for a miracle?

He and all his followers live in squalid conditions in downtown Eureka.

General Pain 02-25-2009 08:43 AM

Elroy Dorset - The Sons of Anarchy

Elroy Dorset (40) and his gang of bikers(120) are the last "uncontrolled" gang in the Eureka vicinity. Rumors have it that they have a HQ outside town somewhere in the nearby Redwood hills. The fend for themselves but sometimes do discret jobs for the counsil since the Counsil do not wan't to dirty their hands. They usually do transport missions into areas of anarchy. Before the war the Sons of Anarchy was basically at war with every other MC gang in California,but now that control has stepped down and Anarchy has prevailed they are more powerfull than ever. They were the only MC gang in California that really prepared for the Twilight. They are to be considered armed and dangerous and easily provoked.

PS: Do not dis Elroys dog!!!!!

Elroy is allways followed by his bodyguard - BIG DOG

General Pain 02-26-2009 02:15 AM

Gunaketu - Leader of the Eureka Buddhists
After the twilight fell Gunaketu(67) (Flag of virtue) had a revelation of the promised lands, and he took his flock with him to north California,ending up in Eureka ,Humboldt County. Before the war he and his followers were what you could call a Hollywood-style Buddhist sect, making their earnings by "helping" moviestars.

Now as moviestars have no importance Gunaketu has changed his view on life. He now practises his religion in a small shopping-mall turned into a Temple. They are a secluded group, but helps the community when asked.

They only use traditional weapons and no firearms.They have a few faithful followers who are not actual munks or members who take care of that out of devotion.Mrs.primrose (57) is one of them .She keeps a vigil outside the mall-monastery with her M1 Garand almost all the time .Others too at times.


headquarters 02-26-2009 05:35 AM

Brian and Terrence MacCafferty- salvagers
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The MacCafferty brothers run a small time salvage operation.They will go out into whatever area required to bring back whatever intem is sought by the client .

Both brothers act cavalier about the dangers , and are often seen carrying multiple handguns,automatic carbines and the ocassional RPG .They often hire on hands for their jobs,but remain firmly in charge .Brian is noted for outrageous clothing and mannerisms.Terrence is more of the strong silent type .

Attachment 412

headquarters 02-26-2009 05:45 AM

Mr. James Tecumseh Grant
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Attachment 413

Grant (69) ,has worked in law enforcement for over 40 years in Texas,Arizona and California.Before that he went with his father and grand father as a kid ,when they were out on the job -both were lawmen.He has also done a stint in the military serving in the Vietnam war.

After the death of his wife in 2011,and the events that lead to the end of the world as he knew it ,Grant decided that retirement wasnt for him .

He now acts as a selfappointed Sheriff in Eureka,complete with his homemade jail cell, a dimwitted deputy that adores the old law man and his dog .This way , Grant says he has means of incarceration,a K9 unit and a second unit available .

The council has not yet recognized the Sheriff, but he has made quite a name for himself as he has driven of marauders,broken up fights and kept the peace .Many of the locals respect him from when he served as an advisor to the local PD before the wars .

Grant is a hard man ,and ne never backs down from what he believes is right .He is armed with a M1911 .45 ,wears a vest and often carry a M1carbine on th ejob as well as various shotguns .The "radio car" is an old Cadillac that supposedly has had extra steel plates welded on inside the chassis.

Grant is always on the lookout for infotmation on any of his relatives and family that he has lost contact with due to the wars.

He prefers to be adressed as " sheriff " if he is on duty .And he is always on duty .

theDevil 03-03-2009 06:18 AM

"the mechanic" aka Mamadoue Sanniadies
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Attachment 430

Mamadoue Sanniadies, age 25

lived most of his life in a world of dispair, he has been taking solice in the solitude of mechanical workings. Fixing everything from coffemachines to tanks, is highly regarded as the go to man for fixing anything.

Mamadoue is regarded as a "pussy", hiding from every snapp, crack and boom!, but if pressed into a corner he has had training in martial art, and is known to be quite good with a wrench, or other blunt instruments.

asked of why he has no weapons, he replies "with a gun you are precieved as a threath and killed. no gun and they either leave you or kill you, i like to have the options"

he works for food, and supplies of every sort, so his scrap-yard can be a source of treasures as his collection has been gathering for years, even though it is regarded as just a scrap heap, his junk-yard always seems to hold actual what he needs for the job at hand...

he is a looner, often seen as a savant with regards to mechanical issues, but is often seen with "the rasta man" but if it is for buisniss or pleasure... who knows..

theDevil 03-03-2009 06:31 AM

"the rasta man"
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Attachment 431

"The Rasta Man" aka Silver Savaga, age 21

uses the most of his days playing the drums, the real african instrument, beating the rythm into the listeners, brightening up the day, always shiningly happy. tucked on a shoulder holster he has a .357, and machete is hanging at his side.

his capital income is from his homegrown production, creating some of the most intoxicating marihuana seen for years. the production site is currently secret.

His buisniss currently employes 15 people, 12 of them carrying all from sawed of shot guns to pain ak47.

the "gentlemen" of his crops are used to make his own ethanol, so he can be somewhat self-reliant, privately , on the power side.
(regarding to the willis post, I hence retract bio fuel, and but forward ethanol making from plant parts... ;) )

"I always have a GOOD (wink wink) day" he has said.

theDevil 03-03-2009 06:42 AM

secret soeciety or just kids being kids
1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 432

This picture, or the like, has been seen in different locations across town.

according to the rumors, thiam bb is a religious figure that regards all forms of intoxication as a sin against God, and hence the reason for the worlds state of order.

the consiences for the believers, according to the rumors goes likes this:

"all sin has to be erradicated, then we will again have peace"

Rupert Willies 03-03-2009 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by theDevil
the "gentlemen" of his crops are used to make his own bio-fuel, so he can be somewhat self-reliant, privatly on the power side.

The production of BIO-fuel is much more complicated than this. He would have to employ several people to this operation alone, and it would need more than just a few non sensimilla crops.

theDevil 03-03-2009 06:58 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 433

Bill Smith, age 24, aka "the champ"

Bill is giving the people exactly what they want to see, either it is sex shows or boxing matches.

He has some fingers in dozens of different "entertainment" stuff.
From his pirate radio show "champ music", to his brutal fight clubs.

Bill has grown up in the streets, and therefore is a self centered man, interested in his own wealth and only himself, there is no redeeming trades in Bill, and he is highly regarded to be an asshole.
Only positive thing is his endlessly production of different "entertainment", including a "cage" fight with absolutely no rules, two men enters one man leaves...

Bill is carrying a sawed of dobbel barrowed shot gun, and on his hip he has a 1911a1, and a ak47-paintek. he also has a big knife strapped to his backside on himself, and misc. items all around.

Paranoid, yeah i would say, if it where not for the reason that he is highly hated all over eureka.

eureka people uses his entertainment though... ...so they are actually a bit co-depended...

headquarters 05-28-2015 07:36 AM

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Originally Posted by headquarters (Post 5679)
Attachment 362

major chin is the elected representative of the former milgov military .chosen from the rank and file as well as commissioned officers ,he represents the soldiers themselves.

Major chin is a serious soldier who lives for his job .he has an outstanding service record,several awards and medals for bravery and accomplishments and a fierce dedication to the patriotic cause.his loyalty is without question towards the nation and its people.

He has not set foot on us soil the last 18 years though .his folks were american service personell stationed in japan and the p.i .they later started a successful buisnessventure overseas ,and stayed on .the family was raised in the us community of expats and attended mostly american schools and socialized with mostly americans.

After the november 2004 attacks , sticking with the military seemed the only option .major chin recieved military training from a very tender age and saw action in his early teens.trained in the field and with intermittent courses run by milgov asia,he is not a typical us officer.

His capabilities are examples to be strived after by any military officer.

currently missing, believed to be at large in eureka

headquarters 06-14-2015 02:45 PM

Mrs. Sara Maria Juanita Hernandez y DeCorba
1 Attachment(s)
A powerful woman and head of the house of DeCorba when her husvand the field marshall is not available. She is proficient in several languages and a hard negotiator. She currently handles all business affairs of the house. The power of the clan has waned in later years, and she now controls mainly Bay Island and some of the river trade north.

She is a beautiful woman but accounts of her taking on armed assailants who threaten her interest are numerous.

After her husbands incarceration the charitable works and trade deals have dwindled as she has been forced to look to her own. The sizable income has been reduced -apparently, and the house of DeCorba and its power seems on the decline.

headquarters 06-15-2015 04:37 AM

Gerald " Jerry " Phelps -newspaperman
1 Attachment(s)
Every day and age has a form of storyteller that fills the need for information and entertainment that people have always had. Phelps has seen the need and fulfills the demand with his phamphlets that are printed by his mobile handpress or any other copying or printing material he can get his hands on.

Also - in the T2K setting - people like a handy size piece of paper for their calls of nature and Phelps has realized this and thus prints his pieces on paper that is highly absorbent. Anyone can advertise in his "Gazette" that is published at non specific intervals from wherever he is located that the time. The one or two pagers covers local news, spreads information of general interest and give practical advice on topics such as health care, farming and schooling of children. Many born after the apocalypse have their reading from musing over his printed phamphlettes.

Phelps is quiet the character in Eureka and its environs. He is rumoured to have travelled with the Painist main force at the Purge of LA in 2019 and to have seen action as a correspondent in the 2nd American Civil War at such battles as Barstow and the Sierras campaign.

Location is believed to be Eureka where he is currently publishing weekly -or so.

headquarters 06-15-2015 05:49 AM

Andrew Schmidt - local merchant
1 Attachment(s)
Mr. Schmidt likes to keep a distance to the turbulent world around him, as he did when he was a prosperous property developer in the mid 1990s and decade after. Although property development pretty much ended with the apocalypse, business did not. Using his considerable network of employees and businesspartners and the resources this varied group had at hand he managed to create an organization that survived the upheaval and led to several prosperous enterprises in the post apocalyptic world.

This includes trading and retail in foodstuffs, building materials and expertise, transportation and a variety of commodities. In short - he is a merchant and a wealthy one in T2K terms.

He never moves outside his well guarded house without a detachment of armed guards.

Currently believed to have barricaded in his house in Eureka.

Mr. Schmidt is no. 2 from the right.

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