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Legbreaker 09-09-2020 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by CDAT (Post 85032)
Not sure if that is the base line, or a upgraded one but they were just running around Ft. Lewis so not in a combat zone.

I would assume baseline - you wouldn't think the additional packages would be issued and subject to wear and tear (not to mention the increased fuel usage for the vehicles themselves) without good reason.
On the other hand, if they were actually involved in an exercise it's possible, but general day to day usage? Not so much I'd suggest.

Vespers War 09-10-2020 01:49 AM

For the JLTV development program, the original requirement called for the A-Kit (permanently installed armor) to resist 7.62mm at 30 meters, along with 155mm HE at 100 meters and 6 to 8 kilogram IEDs and mines. The B-Kit requirements upped that to 7.62mm to 14.5mm (I believe varying by location), 155mm at 30 meters, 10 kilogram mines, and RPGs. How that requirement changed over the course of development, I don't know, but it gives a baseline ideal to work from. I believe the RPG cage is separate from the B-Kit, so one can have A-Kit with or without cage and B-Kit with or without cage.

There was some discussion of the JLTV back in April.

Legbreaker 09-30-2020 04:49 AM

Paul, how do you calculate the prices? There's quite a bit of variation from the books.
I understand the stats (fuel consumption, ranges, etc) are all based on real world information, but the prices?

Raellus 10-02-2020 01:21 PM

Space Guns
Hey Paul,



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