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Cdnwolf 03-06-2010 06:53 PM

Far from Home 2
Lt Colonel (Temp) Peter Connors, CO of the battered 4 CMBG called the informal meeting of his commanders to order.

"Jim, I want your best man to take the lead and pay a friendly visit to the Russians -

Pierre you send your guys to the Poles. And Pierre, cough up some of the hooch your men have been making behind the engine repair shop - I want 2 bottles of the best stuff to go help lubricate the way!"

"Remember we have three weeks to make this happen.... and not a word is to reach the Americans!!"

************************************************** ********

Major General Samansov of the Soviet 12'th Motorized Division was just finishing his breakfast when his orderly announced an unexpected visitor -while 100 km to the east General Jakonski of the Polish Calvary Division was brushing down his favorite horse when his aide proclaimed the arrival of his guest. Both men expressed surprised at the sight of the Canada patch on the arm of the two Captains standing in front of them. Even more appreciated was the bottle of Vodka that each man was holding... the day was going to be interesting.

************************************************** ********

Three weeks later at the entrance to the outer defence perimeter of the 2'nd Marine

Division, Lt William Cummings hurried to gather his recon team and make the 20 minute drive to Karlino to investigate the rumors that something was wrong in the town.

"Recon One to Bravo One... Come in. Over."

"Bravo One go ahead... Over"

"Bravo One - they are gone! All gone. According to the locals they took off 2 nights ago during the new moon. And they left a message for the Corp Commander!!"

Lt Cummings shook his head in amazement at the sign hanging from the side of the building that use to be the Brigade Headquarters for the 4'th Cdn Mech Bgde Group...

"TO: US XI Corp Commander
From: CO 4'th CMBG

Good Luck, Your on your own!!"

Just then the first Russian mortars started landing as the 12'th MRD started their attack against the exposed flanks of the US XI Corps. The uneasy truce was now over and this time the Soviets were determined to wipe out the rest of the US forces in Northern Poland once and for all.

************************************************** ********

200 KM to the west at the makeshift bridge over the Oder river constructed by both the Russian and Canadian engineers, Lt Col Connors watched as the last of his men crossed the first of many obstacles. He had kept his promise to his men ... but Canada was a hell of a long way away and they were still far from home!

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