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ChalkLine 01-02-2019 10:01 AM

The Russian 'Ratnik' Individual Equipment Suite
It looks like Russia is planning on deploying its new Ratnik Future Soldier System this year. Although this system has been 'deployed' since 2016 I know for certain that many of its components are still in train to be deployed but evidently it's getting to the troops in 2109.

It features:

- GPS individual positioning
- IR signature reducing camo
- Lightweight thermal individual weapon sight
- Exo-skeleton (I'll be very interested to see if they get this right)
- AK-12 with multiple sights
- Lightweight 1kg helmet
- A lightweight protective uniform said to be proof against shell splinters

all about 30 components.

These make the Russian troops equal to or even better equipped than The Project. Perhaps we should consider upping The Project's gear to get a technology edge?

(cross-posted into both forums)

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