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mandarpatil 05-27-2020 05:32 AM

Twilight Imperium RPG
So, I had already thought that setting an RPG in this universe would be interesting and after watching the documentary on TI4's history and development by shut up and sit down that there was a failed attempt a long time ago.

So, I wanted to ask, if someone was to make a new RPG, what would you want the focusto be on?

Personally, I would like a bit of focus on the diplomatic side of things. The players are negotiators trying to set up trade agreements and getting policies passed. Part of this desire is that there are plenty of RPGs focussed on combat and investigating and even running nations but I do not know of many focussed on the middle men. The men, women, and genderless glowing gasses that go in between nations to calm tensions, focus national attention at something else, and being a member of some sort of UN.

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StainlessSteelCynic 05-27-2020 10:03 PM

As Twilight Imperium is more akin to Traveller than it is to Twilight: 2000, this is probably the wrong forum for this discussion.

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